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What we have done

Royal visits 

We have provided security staff and stewards who were specifically trained to deal with members of the public coming into contact with the principals and VIP's. The company was closely involved with the planners of these visits to ensure that our staff were fully briefed and correctly deployed. out staff had to receive additional training in cordon and barrier work, searching and public relations. many of our staff were put through world host training.

Forest Enterprise Scotland 

In 2008 Forestry Commission Scotland (FCS)asked us to provide security staff to patrol their woodlands in Tay District Forest as they were suffering the effects of theft, poaching, illegal camping and antisocial behaviour predominantly at weekends. As a result of these issues we put in security team to assist in combating these issues by undertaking regular random patrols of FCS grounds. The staff involved in these operations received additional training to equip them in their role. The training includes wildlife and environmental law, the land reform act and the various poaching laws all of which has proved invaluable in undertaking their role. 


Whilst still dedicated  to undertaking weekend patrols they are on call 24/7 to response to issues in the district and have been active in their community engagement developing good working relationships with a number of local communities bordering FCS property.  Over the years their role has changed from that solely a preventionary role into an advisory and educational one, giving advice, direction, and information to the many visitors that they encounter.

Festivals and Shows

Our security teams have been become mainstays at many agricultural shows and highland games. whether it is maintaining a presence at beer tents or at the entry gates our staff are known regulars at many of these events. Their professional and communicative style of security has proved popular and successful with both members of the public and event organisers. They have developed the knack of defusing a situation rather than allowing it to become confrontational.

At festivals this approach has also proved to be successful and even more so when they are undertaking searches of patrons for drugs and alcohol. Unlike some staff who would normally be tempted to enjoy the spectacle of the event our staff are trained and monitored to ensure that they are watching the spectators at all times and acting accordingly. 

What we don't do 

We don't disrespect members of the public and we don't do pubs and night clubs, whilst we will provide coverage for private functions, conventions, and conferences we are very much outdoors and event oriented, we can provide guarding services for property, search teams and general event security. We have a number of specialists working within the company who are counter terrorism and crime prevention experts. 

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