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Event support services

A key contributor to a successful event is the staff you are using, they are generally the first point of contact for many participants, spectators, or members of the public coming to, or into contact, with an event.


Enthusiastic, helpful, knowledgeable, and supportive staff make a big difference to everyone involved in, or attending at, an event and we take great pride in the standards that our event staff maintain.


"Fantastic organisation throughout the event. Marshals were brilliant. Much better than the Ride London event by far" Etape Royale 2015


If you use volunteers ask yourself can I depend on them, can they undertake the roles required, and do they have the training and / or experience for those roles. If the answer is No then you may need trained and specialist event staff.


We offer a wide range of event support services and with over 100 staff at our disposal we have a number of specialist and individual skill sets which sometimes even take us by surprise!


Our event staff are all trained in manual handling techniques, fire marshalling, bank side water safety, first aid, crowd / traffic management, and public relations. In addition we can provide specialist support as detailed below.


Control room

We can offer specialist services in control room operations where we have a number of highly experienced and trained operators and supervisors from an emergency services background. 


Production crew

We have a number of highly experienced staff who can build and take down events and understand how the components fit together. They are hardworking and industrious and they just get on with it! 


Water safety

The majority of our staff have received bank side water safety training and are conversant with the deployment and operation of bank side water safety equipment. We have available 2 rescue boats fully equipped for water rescue, Coxswained by level 2 safety boat operators and crewed by trained water rescue staff, in addition we can provide rescue divers if required. 


Our logistics teams are capable of moving, delivering and assembling equipment to any location. We have a selection of vehicles, trailers and mechanical handling equipment. which they use to support a logistical role. They are all trained in fitting gas, water, and electricity, in all sorts of locations / terrain and in all types of weather. 

Traffic management/ car park crews 

We have a highly experienced traffic management team who can control access and egress to any event and any car park. normally operating with their own radio net, they can effectively manage and control any event parking issues encountered. 


Follow this link to our partner security company. 

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