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EVENT Management

Whether organising an event for 10 people or 40,000 people you require firm foundations to build from. Hardcore provides that firm foundation, we offer an event management service second to none and provide our customers with a bespoke service to meet their specific requirements.


By offering our services we can take the strain and pain out of organising an event for you. We will discuss your needs with you and can assist you in arranging and managing the event for you. Our event planning is meticulous and our attention to detail very precise, we do not believe in leaving anything to chance. Every detail required to make a successful event will be covered with you.

We have experience in arranging and managing all types of events,
from designing and running mass participation sporting events through to family fun days, we can accommodate your needs.

Depending upon the type of event you are planning we can offer a wide range of solutions. From activities specifically designed to compliment your organisations profile, or core interests and objectives, through to providing a fully staffed and serviced sportive event.

We can also provide a full range of entertainment, activities, and
supporting services, to ensure any event you wish to hold or host is a great success.

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