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route safety


We are a company that has specialised in route safety planning since 2006. Designing route safety marshalling plans, signage plans and risk assessments for many charitable and commercial mass participation events. 

Our route safety plans developed for the Etape Caledonia in 2007 have been in use until the present day without many changes to them. These are reviewed annually to keep them up to date.

In a world of legislation and litigation where Event Organisers are responsible to both participants and other route users we are acutely aware of both our clients and our own responsibilities and liabilities.


Not only do we provide high quality safety planning and the documentation to support any proposed route, but we can also supply route safety teams who are highly experienced in both closed and open road events and are trained in First Aid, Radio Communications, Cycle repair, Traffic Management and Public relations. They are not only there to make any route safe to participants and members of the public coming into contact with the event but also to provide support and encouragement to the participants in any conditions encountered. 

Our Route safety planning has included the marshal plans for Etape Pennines (closed road), Etape Royale(closed road), Etape Loch-Ness(closed road), The Iron Ride (open road), Maggie's Monster Bike and Hike(open road), Oxfam Trailtrekker (open road/hill).

To date any event where we have designed both the Marshal plan and Signage plan has a 100% safety record. 

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