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The History of the Declaration

The Declaration Run (a half marathon of 13.20 miles)  Saturday 11th April 2020.
On the 6th April 1320 The Declaration of Arbroath was submitted to Pope John XXII   by Abbot Bernard of Kilwinning,  Chancellor of Scotland and Abbot of Arbroath Abbey.  The Declaration, carrying the seals of 51 Magnates and Nobles (known as the signatories) supporting the submission,  asked the Pope to recognise Scotland as an independent nation and defend Scotland's right to undertake military action if the country was attacked. This meant that Pope John had to reverse his previous decision, made in 1305, of recognising Edward the 1st of England  as being the Overlord of Scotland.
The Pope acceded to the submission and recognition of Scotland as an independent nation was duly granted and eventually,  in 1328, the English King, King Edward III, renounced his claim of Overlordship of Scotland in the Treaty of Northampton-Edinburgh.
To mark 700th Anniversary of the Declaration the town of Arbroath is hosting a series of events throughout 2020 with the focus being on celebrations taking place between the 4th and 11th of April.
As part of those Celebrations we have been granted permission by Angus Council, Arbroath Abbey (Historic  Scotland), and the Arbroath 2020 Events Committee  to undertake a half marathon around Arbroath.   This is a Tar and Trail Run, the main part of it being on open roads but other parts being on farm tracks and public footpaths in surrounding Countryside.  It starts at Arbroath Abbey and finishes at Inchcape Park next to  Arbroath Harbour from where the ship carrying the Declaration to the Pope departed.
The start time is, of course,  1320 and we hope that everyone should be finished no later than 1745, the route will be fully signed and marshals located throughout  its length to ensure that everyone is kept safe.  There are 2 designated water stops on the route, just over 4 miles apart.
The race will be chip timed and all runners completing the event will receive a medal  bearing the Seal of Arbroath Abbey.   For those lucky enough to achieve the  best results in the designated categories they will receive one  of the 51 special edition signatory medals.  Each signatory medal is unique and  each will bear  the Seal of one of the signatories to the Declaration.   There will be a formal presentation of the Signatory Medals  at the Abbey's High Altar following the marathon.
As a participant you will be piped off at the start and piped in at the finish, entertained with live music,  and have the opportunity to browse a number of stalls offering you some of the best things produced in Arbroath  and Angus.
This is a family orientated run and we are hoping that we will have 1320 runners at the start to make this a very memorable one off event and if it proves to be popular we may re-run it in 2021!

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